Deeana Ou


Deeana Ou

出生地點: 加拿大

年齡: 23

身高: 5'7"

體重: 123磅

三圍: 32"/26"/37"

學歷: 大學

職業: 芭蕾舞老師

語言: 英語、粵語、國語、法語、少許韓語

星座: 巨蟹座

興趣: 跳舞、唱歌、當模特兒、在貓舍內做志願者、烹飪、繪畫、彈奏鋼琴和吉他等樂器、看電視節目、製作工藝品

志願/目標**:** 成為一位受到每個人尊重和愛戴的老師,教導學生成為一位懂得欣賞、有愛心、善良、勇敢、有胸懷開闊及知識淵博的未來領袖

Place of Birth: Canada

Age: 23

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 123lbs

Measurement: 32”/26”/37”

Education: University

Occupation: BalletTeacher at Kim Wong - The School of Toronto City Ballet

Languages Spoken: English, Cantonese, Mandarin, French and Korean (not fluent)

Horoscope: Cancer

Hobbies: Dancing, singing, modelling, volunteering at cat shelter, baking, cooking, painting, playing instruments like piano and guitar, watching tv shows and k-dramas, making crafts

Ambition/ Goal: I want to become a teacher who is respected and loved by everyone she meets, and to teach students to be appreciative, loving, kind, brave, open-minded, and knowledgeable leaders of the future.

What do you hope to learn during the Pageant process?


I hope to learn how to present myself more confidently to everyone I meet.

What is something you want to tell your future self in one year?


Have they found the vaccine for Covid19 yet? I hope this year wasn’t too hard. I hope you continue to take new opportunities and try new things because this is what you did last year by joining the pageant and it changed your life so keep going and try your best at everything you do, I love you. You can do anything you set your mind to and I hope you continue to be happy.

If you were the leader of Toronto, what is the one thing that you would change to make Toronto a better place?

如果我是多倫多的領導人,我不會忽略那些流落街頭、無家可歸的露宿者。 我亦認為未能為精神健康問題和藥物濫用問題的人提供全面的支持。 我們雖然擁有一座非常美麗的城市,但仍然尚有不少未解決的系統性問題被試圖掩蓋。 我們應確保將資源適當地分配給有需要的人,而不是有權力的人。 我們也要真正理解及支持需要援助的社區。他們應該有足夠的資源改善生活,並脫離那些陳規定型的觀念及罵名。

If I was the leader of Toronto, I would not ignore the amount of homeless people still living on the streets. I don’t think that we are doing enough to support people with mental health issues and substance abuse problems. We are a very beautiful city that still tries to cover up the many systemic issues we have not resolved. We should make sure our resources are allocated appropriately to people of need and not to people of power. We should make sure communities that need support are truly understood and have the resources to better themselves and detach themselves from the stigma and stereotypes that are placed on them.

If you awoke one day as a flower, what flower would you choose to be and why?

我會選擇成為一朵櫻花,因為那是我最喜歡的顏色,並且每年也能綻放迷人及令人興奮的優美風景。 像櫻花一樣,我希望自己是謙虛而內斂。 我認為人與人在一起才會更強壯,像一棵櫻花樹也需要很多櫻花點綴才會漂亮。 有時候,百花齊放總比一枝獨秀來得好。當近距離了解時,這並不代表每朵櫻花 (每個人) 都是一樣的,我們仍然可以用自己與眾不同的方式互相支持,成就我們彼此最美麗、最好的宏願。

I would choose to be a cherry blossom because I get to be my favourite colour and provide people with such a nice landscape to look at and something to be excited for each year. I try to be humble so I like that I wouldn’t be standing out too much. I also believe that people are stronger together and a cherry blossom tree takes many cherry blossoms to look nice. Sometimes it is nicer to look good with everyone around you than to just stand out yourself; however, it doesn’t mean when you go up close every cherry blossom is the same. We can still be unique in our own ways but still support each other to be our most beautiful and best so that the bigger picture looks even better.

If you could go back to a certain point in your past, what point would you pick and what would you do?

我想會回到中學被欺負的時候,告訴以前的我,已經夠了,我沒有做錯任何事情。我會告訴她,一切都會變好,不要再哭了,情況會變得越來越好 。

I would go back to when I got bullied in middle school and tell my younger self that I am enough and that I didn’t do anything wrong. I would tell her that everything will be okay, I don’t need to cry anymore, and that things get better.

If you could go back in time and make little changes to your childhood, what is one thing you’d learn over the years?


I had many extracurriculars when I was younger so I think I know how to do many things but I guess I wish I could have learned how to figure skate. I took skating lessons so I know how to skate but it would be ideal if I was better at it because I think it is so beautiful.

There are now 25 hours in a day! How do you spend your extra hour?

如果一天中有額外的1個小時,我可能會與父母及貓咪一起度過。 現在我長大了,因為忙著上學,跳舞和工作,總覺得自己沒有花很多時間陪伴他們。他們慢慢變老,我想我應該花更多的時間陪伴他們。

If there was an extra hour in the day, I would probably spend it with my parents and my cat. Now that I am older I feel like I don’t spend enough time with them because I am so busy with school, dancing and work, but they are getting older and I should really spend more time with them.

From the following 4 emotions, if you could eliminate one, which one would you pick: sadness, fear, anger and disgust?

我會選擇消除厭惡感。 我認為任何人都不需要對事物或人有這種感覺。這樣一來,當我們看到不愉快的事物時,我們不會感到不舒服。我不會選擇消除悲傷,因為沒有悲傷,我們將不知道幸福的感覺。恐懼也不錯,有時候,它會阻止我們做那些很笨拙的事情。 最後,雖然憤怒是最不可控制的,但正因為憤怒的反應是最誠實的,它會告訴你不喜歡的事情。

I would eliminate disgust. I don’t think anyone should need to feel this way towards a thing or people. It would help make sure that when we see something that is unpleasant, we won’t need to be uncomfortable. I would not eliminate sadness because without it we wouldn’t know what happy feels like. Fear can also be good at times at preventing us from doing something too irrational and spontaneous. Finally, anger is the most uncontrollable but I think the most honest about what you don’t like and I think it is necessary to know that.

How do you cheer yourself up when life gets rocky?

我會選擇看一部能讓我哭出來的悲傷電影;或是給我的朋友打通電話;更可以做運動釋放更多的多巴胺(一種快樂的激素)。我也會想着我曾經歷的事,以及我做得有多好。 每天,我也告訴自己要感恩現在所擁有的東西。

I either cry it out by watching a sad movie or call my friends, or do some exercise to release more dopamine (a happy hormone). I also try to think about how far I have come already and how well I am doing. I tell myself to take it day by day and to be grateful for what I have.

List and explain three apps on your smartphone that you feel have changed your life.

Google地圖 — 因為我不時需要尋找方向,而且我認為擁有便攜式GPS定位的地圖非常方便。 Google翻譯 — 有時候我需要說多種語言,卻忘記那種語言的單詞,因此我會經常使用以確保我所說的是正確術語。 Spotify是因為我喜歡邊開車邊聽音樂。

Google Maps - I need directions when I am going places and I think it is so convenient to have a map that has your GPS location as you drive. Google Translate - I need to speak many languages sometimes, I forget words so I use it very often to make sure I am using the correct terms. Spotify - I like listening to music while I drive.